Asbestos Surveys

Our small team of surveyors have a collective experience of over 80 years identifying suspect asbestos materials. Our survey format and quality control systems are unique in the industry and have been designed with our client's needs in mind. You can be sure that the recommendations that we give will be based on a realistic interpretation of the risks posed by asbestos materials and will be the most cost effective solutions available and without compromising on safety.

Survey format example

  • Our unique survey format with large colour pictures & colour coded arrows providing clear and concise information on the location, amount, surface treatment, damage and any action that may be required.

  • Additional plans where necessary to help pinpoint suspect materials in hard to find places.

  • Detailed information on your ‘duty to manage’ and the law on working with asbestos.

  • Free, ongoing, phone-based consultancy to help you deal with any further asbestos issues at your premises.

  • Printed & electronic formats provided, so that you can update your own report if necessary at no extra cost.

  • Survey Package




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More About Asbestos Surveys

If you have a ‘duty to manage’ asbestos in a commercial property then you will need to determine the presence, location and condition of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and then, compile and implement a management plan to ensure that they remain safe, in good condition and fit for their intended purpose.

Accreditation schemes for asbestos surveyors do exist but they are not a guarantee of competency and are not legal requirements… In fact, there is nothing legally preventing you from carrying out your own asbestos survey… However, we strongly recommend that you use a professional and experienced asbestos surveyor familiar with huge variety of potential asbestos containing materials that could present a risk to human health if not accurately detected and managed accordingly.

First, you will need to establish what type of asbestos survey you need:

Management Survey

This is a minimum requirement survey to comply with your duty to manage asbestos in buildings where no planned refurbishments or demolitions are scheduled to be undertaken. Samples of suspect materials are obtained for confirmation and assessments are made usually along with management suggestions and recommendations. This will form the basis of your management plan that will go on to outline exactly how you intend to manage your asbestos issues based on the information gathered during your asbestos survey. This type of survey is not suitable if refurbishments or demolitions are planned.

Refurbishment/ Demolition Survey

This is an invasive type of survey that goes beyond surface testing and looks behind walls and into cavities to ensure that all asbestos materials are identified prior to destructive works being undertaken. It should be noted that this type of survey can only be properly undertaken in buildings or specific areas that are unoccupied and are not due for immediate re-occupation.

For more details on the requirements laid out in the duty to manage asbestos click here.


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