EncapsulatingEncapsulation is often a cheap and viable alternative to removal. However, some removal contractors will exaggerate the cost of encapsulation to guide you towards complete removal. When the two costs appear similar it is naturally tempting to opt for removal and be rid of the asbestos for good along with any ongoing management responsibilities.

In reality, encapsulation is a far cheaper alternative and applicable to most asbestos management situations from repairing existing damage to safeguarding against future damage.

Encapsulation will help to:

•   Repair damage and seal any exposed, raw edges

•   Increase the useful life of the material

•   Reduce any fibre release through general degradation

•   Protect against accidental knocks and scrapes

•   Improve the appearance of the material


Reasons to keep your asbestos in good condition:

•   It’s the best material for the job it’s doing*

•   It’s very strong & extremely durable

•   Replacement materials are not as effective and degrade quicker

•   It costs a lot to get rid of!


*It should be noted that asbestos cement was widely but INCORRECTLY used as a fire insulator. This could quite innocently be due to general ignorance in the building trade or it could be due to the fact that asbestos cement was significantly cheaper than insulation board and presented an opportunity to scrimp on costs. Asbestos is used in cement just as steel is used in concrete, as re-enforcement. Cement sheets are often too thin to stop high heat from passing through and when the cement gets hot enough it can explode due to the trapped water content! If you are unsure about whether or not you have the right type of asbestos for the job that it is doing then you can contact us to find out. Replacing ineffective fire insulation could save lives!

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