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  • The Quantitative Risks of Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer in Relation to Asbestos Exposure

    06/01/2000 14:55:00

    The 2000 paper by Hodgson and Darnton, HSE statisticians, was welcomed by some but heavily criticised by many respected asbestos scientists. However, this work remains the information source of choice for the HSE, politicians and others. Its good point is that it clearly differentiates the specific risk of mesothelioma between the major asbestos types ranking their relative potency as 1:100:500 for chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite respectively. However, the reasons for giving chrysotile even this level of affect are considered by many to be flawed because of the way in which they assessed certain cohorts and it is noticeable that in a later paper chrysotile is removed from the discussion.

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  • Asbestosis: A Marker for the Increased Risk of Lung Cancer Among Workers Exposed to Asbestos

    06/01/1999 12:18:00

    While the main cause of lung cancer at the present time is cigarette smoking it can also result from occupational exposure to asbestos. Weiss reviewed studies of lung cancer in groups of workers who had been exposed to asbestos and developed asbestosis. He found that the studies indicated that asbestosis is a much better predictor of excess lung cancer risk than measures of exposure and could be used as a marker for lung cancer cases attributed to asbestos.

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