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  • Chrysotile as a Cause of Mesothelioma: An Assessment Based on Epidemiology

    06/01/2006 12:14:00

    One of the most important, recent, epidemiological papers is by Yarborough. His study not only shows that: “[A] review of 71 asbestos cohorts exposed to free asbestos fibers does not support the hypothesis that chrysotile, uncontaminated by amphibolic substances, causes mesothelioma. He also notes that failure to resolve the debate has hampered proper risk assessments: “A firm understanding of any health risks associated with natural chrysotile fibers is crucial for regulatory policy and future risk assessments of synthesized nanomaterials.” The paper underlines that the current mess of regulations and mis-understanding is a reflection of public policies not science.

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    C.M. Yarborough

    Crit Rev Toxicol 2006;36:165–187

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