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Casitile: Campaigning for Common Sense

January 05, 2007

What’s in a name? Apparently nothing. The latest scientific research indicates that asbestos cement contains no asbestos at all.

A recent review by Professor Fred Pooley from Cardiff University indicates that any white asbestos fibres present in "asbestos" cement undergo a significant chemical and structural metamorphosis during the manufacturing process that renders the fibres as stable non-reactive. These chemically modified fibres pose no measurable risk to health and are so significantly altered they can no longer be classified under any of the existing asbestos types and have instead been named Casitile, to reflect their increased Calcium content.
Of all "asbestos" containing materials used in the world today, 90% are "asbestos" cement based. The public can be reassured that 90% of the products they have been encouraged to fear as being as dangerous as Plutonium are in fact stable non-reactive materials that present no measurable risk to health. This is not only an enormous gain for common sense but also for the national and world economy.

Unfortunately this latest research review, based on multiple other papers on the same topic, has first to contend with the cacophony of erroneous and sensationalist information being circulated in the public domain.
To read Asbestos Watchdog's article on Casitile and the chemical change that asbestos undergoes when rendered as cement, or to receive further information about how this affects any asbestos in your property, please Contact Us.

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