Be vigilant! You are most at risk of disturbing asbestos containing materials. If you are self employed you are legally required to ensure that the work you undertake does not expose you, your client or anyone working for you to asbestos. If you are employed then your employer has a duty to ensure that you have access to suitable training and to meet the requirements laid out in the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR2012). Ignorance is no defence. If your actions give rise to a spread of asbestos then you will be liable to prosecution.

If you are working on a commercial building then there should already be an asbestos survey in place for you to view prior to work commencing. If you are undertaking work that involves destructive alterations to the fabric of the building then you should be aware that a more invasive ‘refurbishment/ demolition’ type of asbestos survey is a requirement prior to starting. You can refuse to work on a building that has not been sufficiently assessed for risks from asbestos materials. If there is no survey available you should assume that everything is asbestos or contact us for more help. If you need a material checked quickly then we can help you to identify it with a posted sample. See our services section for more info.

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