As a manager you will be part of the process at some level but the extent of your duties will depend on the various roles you undertake and the structure of your company. If you are in charge of hiring maintenance workers then you will have an automatic duty to manage asbestos at your premises under the CAR2012 regulations. If you are in charge of workers who may come in contact with asbestos then you are bound by the CAR2012 and other Health & Safety regulations to provide access to suitable training and take all reasonable steps to protect anyone who may come in contact with asbestos materials through their day to day work.

As a manager you may have been appointed as a ‘responsible person’ to undertake these duties regardless of any existing responsibilities. It is important to ensure that everybody, at all levels of management, understand their individual roles and ensure that the established management plan remains effective and workable and available to be viewed at all times. If you need to commission a survey then we can help you. Check out our services section for more info.

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