Local Authorities

Local Authority

Local Authorities in the UK have a statutory duty under Section 51 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 to make provision for the disposal of household domestic waste in their area. However, building materials (including asbestos) are not considered as domestic waste and councils are currently under no legal obligations to provide a collection service.

Prior to the introduction of the Landfill Site Directive 2004, many councils were able to assist with hazardous waste disposal but the additional costs now involved with health and safety requirements, labour, transport and the obtaining of licenses, has forced many local authorities to review their waste management services and subsequently resulted in a massive reduction in the number of available sites. There are now only 10 hazardous waste sites in the UK and none in Wales. This has resulted in the British public having little choice but to pay high prices to private contractors to dispose of their asbestos waste and local authorities have little choice but to recommend them.


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