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Housing Associations have a duty of care towards their tenants and others in respect of the presence of asbestos in dwellings. The CAR2012 Asbestos regulations, whilst not applicable to residential properties, place a specific duty to manage asbestos in common areas. The Defective Premises Act 1972, whilst not specifically mentioning asbestos, requires landlords to take reasonable care to see that tenants and visitors are safe from personal injury or disease caused by a defect in the state of the premises. The Health & Safety at Work Act also places a duty on Housing Associations to ensure that their staff are not exposed to asbestos during their work and have access to suitable training and information on the presence of any asbestos they may encounter.

With so many various regulations to adhere to Housing Associations with tight budgets are most vulnerable to being taken advantage of by consultants, surveyors and contractors who exaggerate risks and recommend excessive management protocols for profit. A basic understanding of the considerably differing risks posed by the most common asbestos materials is essential for housing managers to make informed decisions when implementing cost effective management protocols for large housing stocks.

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