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The current regulations do not place any legal obligations on domestic home owners with regard to how asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) are handled on your own property. This is true for the owner of the property, anyone living at the property or a friend of a resident acting on their behalf, without reward. The majority of ACM’s in domestic premises do not pose a measurable risk to health but it is worth finding out what you have and how best to maintain it in good condition. For the majority of materials, following common sense guidance protocols to maintain them in good condition will ensure that you do not expose yourself or your family to any health risks or face potential complications when selling your property. 

If you hire any person to undertake work on ACM’s you should make them aware of any known asbestos and ensure that they are suitably trained, licensed & insured to work with the type of asbestos that you have. Only insulating materials of a ‘low density’ and therefore ‘friable’ nature require a specialist ‘HSE licensed’ contractor and 14 days notification to the HSE prior to removal but fortunately these materials are quite rare and only make up approx 10% of all asbestos materials found throughout the UK.

Whilst you are legally allowed to work on and remove low density materials yourself, a trained professional will ensure that it is done in accordance with strict measures to ensure maximum safety. We can help you to find a suitable contractor if necessary or offer alternative, more cost-effective solutions to safely manage your asbestos issues.

For any concerns you have about asbestos in the home, contact us and we'll get straight back to you.

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