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When Christopher Booker at the Sunday Telegraph began reporting on the great asbestos deception back in 2002 it resulted in first hundreds and then thousands of responses from members of the public who it seemed were being routinely exploited by surveyors and removal contractors and forced to spend often crippling sums of money on sometimes wholly unnecessary asbestos removals.

With a clear need to offer free and impartial advice to commercial property owners and homeowners on a wide range of asbestos matters amidst the various and often ambiguous asbestos licensing regulations, the Asbestos Watchdog was established in 2003 with the help of a wealthy businessman who had saved over £1million by following our advice.

Our network of supporters around the world now include leading scientists in fibre toxicology, pathology, occupational lung diseases and epidemiology earning us an international reputation for excellence and placing us at the forefront of asbestos sciences. Our chief inspector John Bridle has over 40 years experience in the asbestos industry and is regularly invited to consult world governments, which has earned him an honorary professorship for his contributions to asbestos research.

We have successfully campaigned to have asbestos containing textured decorative coatings (Artex) removed from the list of materials requiring a licensed contractor for removal and we continue to call for a more common sense approach to the handling of high density, white asbestos materials which credible, peer-reviewed scientific studies show pose 'no measurable risk to human health'. Summaries of these scientific studies are available in our Science Section to be scrutinised by anyone who disagrees with their findings and we welcome the opportunity to debate their conclusions in an open and honest forum.

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